Welcome to the Workamajig Newsletter! Here at Workamajig, we’re a little obsessed with making our work (and work-life) easier. And we’re on a mission to do the same for you. But here’s the thing. Making work easy isn’t easy. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? In order to make work-life simpler, more efficient, and productive, we need to focus on 4 core areas: Process: workflows & operations - ya know, the day-to-day stuff. Projects: ‘nuff said. People: think resource management, employee retention, customer service. Profits: the part that keeps us all in business ;) So how do you go about simplifying your work life across these four core areas? That’s what we’re here for. Once a month, we'll send you an email focused on one of these topics. It’ll include actionable tips, free templates, some WMJ news & more.